Sunday, 15 May 2016


The start of summer = finally meeting up with friends, especially before everybody has internship commitments or start flying all around the world. Sigh, busy uni kids!!!

Old Airport Road Food Centre
Had our semesterly post-finals suite outing, although this time round it was just dinner at Old Airport Road. Nonetheless, it was a good meal and catch-up!

Xiao long bao, oyster omelette, sambal stingray, hokkien mee and satay!!!
The entire meal cost us $9 each, which I think was super worth it!

Not pictured was the 51 Soya Bean to end off our meal. Omg it was so shiok to eat this when we were dying from the heat!!! We concluded that 51 Soya Bean beats Lao Ban - the texture was just smoother and more delicate.

Missing Liana and Esther, who are enjoying life on the other side of the globe.
Sigh, I miss those days when we woke up together, left for our outings together, went back together to take a nap before grabbing dinner and screening movies in our living room. Now we're busier, plus we have to go our separate ways when we head home since we no longer live next to one another. Missing my suite life in Tembusu :'(

National Museum Singapore
Finally met up with Tim after an entire semester! We planned to visit the Treasures of the World exhibition cos he had free tickets, only to realise it was already free since we were students. HAHAHAHAHA.

We were discussing how the British were basically showcasing the stuff they stole during their colonial power, haha.
I don't have much to say about the exhibition because it wasn't very interesting. Or maybe I'm just not cultured and intellectual enough, heh.

Little Wimbly Lu
Had some time to kill after the museum, so I went in search of a cafe to chill. Stumbled upon Little Wimbly Lu, which left me unimpressed. The menu was quite limited, and the decor was incredibly dull compared to its original outlet.

Blurred my notebook so you can't peep, hee hee.
Paid $6 for an iced mocha, which was served in a mediocre plastic cup. It was not bad, but I guess I had higher expectations after visiting the original Wimbly Lu outlet.

My visit to Melbourne and Sydney has reignited my love for cafes. Recently, I've been in the mood to chill at a cafe while enjoying good coffee. HAHAHA pretentious much, I don't even know what is considered "good" coffee.

I've also started penning down my thoughts after overcoming the inertia (because I was previously too lazy to write). I think this is a good way to keep my thoughts in check, especially when I start to get soft-hearted and deluded. Okay, I think this only makes sense to a few people. Moving on.

Chomp Chomp Food Centre
Also finally met up with the CNM OG! Didn't take any modules with them so I barely got to see them during the semester. I can't believe my freshies are gonna be year 3s soon, and I am a lao jiao already??!?!! #不认老

Didn't take photos of our food because we greedily attacked everything. We ended up having two rounds of dinner: before and after Louis the Latecomer arrived. Not that I would complain about having two sambal stingrays though (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Someone saw the chocolate syrup and asked "why MM? Is it Media Monitoring?" ha ha life of CNM students.
Had dessert at Udders, then chilled at the rooftop garden at myVillage until they chased us away at 10pm. We were using the SkyView app and spotted Jupiter and Mars in the sky omg so cool???

Hehe, always fun hanging out with them especially when we can geek out about topics like PR and social media, which would've bored people from other majors.

It's been a good week so far. Looking forward to more meet-ups next week, buying logistics, attending pre-pre-camp and going for Bubble Run! This is the best type of busy :)

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