Thursday, 19 May 2016


So one night, I was torturing myself by reading food reviews on an empty stomach. And the reviews for Hokkaido Izakaya were all so good, I immediately jio-ed Nichol to try with me \(^▽^)/

Milk hotpot with salmon ($18)
THE SOUP WAS HEAVENLY. It was luxuriously thick, creamy and milky - nothing like those 鱼片米粉 where they simply pour milk into the soup. This was legit.

We ordered a bowl of rice to go with the soup, and I think the rice made it even better!!! The soup can get too salty at times, and the Japanese rice balanced it out nicely. 

Omg, this is definitely worth returning for (∩˃o˂∩)♡

Japanese Omelette mixed with milk ($10)
Nichol liked this, but I found it rather plain? It just tastes like a normal omelette to me. I guess it does look tempting when they spread Hokkaido butter all over the omelette when they serve it to you.

Kakiage tempura soba ($12)
This looked quite impressive, with that huge piece of tempura, but it was such a disappointment. The noodles were too mushy, the tempura was too greasy and soggy, and we barely touched it.

Verdict: would return for that glorious milk hotpot, and try other dishes instead of the omelette and soba. Maybe I'll try the potato salad and fried cheese next time! Omg I'm looking forward to it already.

Anyway, it was bloody hot and humid that day so we went to get some dessert at Bingki Korean Dessert. My stomach was bursting but I couldn't tahan the heat, what a terrible compromise I had to make, ha ha ha.

Strawberry bingsu ($15)
Had this all to myself cos Nichol didn't want any. Don't let that mug fool you, it was quite a big portion for one person okay! 

I can proudly say that I finished everything because it was good! The bingsu was super smooth and soft because the ice was very fine. The consistency was almost like ice cream since the ice was so densely packed.

Hehe it was a good day for my tummy! (ˆ ڡ ˆ)

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