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Continued from my Melbourne post!

We arrived in Sydney on a hazy morning, which I thought made the view even prettier. The Harbour Bridge looked quite surreal from afar.

Holding up my food to make it look hipster (it was just mediocre hot chocolate).

We stayed at InterContinentel Sydney, which was super shiok because it was just a few minutes walk from Circular Quay.

Sydney Sustainable Markets

We were wandering around while waiting to check in, and stumbled upon this market. They mostly sold organic produce, juices and food.

The atmosphere is really chill - quite a good way to spend your Saturday morning!

Even their cups were sustainable.

Yaxue and Gary had this bacon and egg roll, which was super yummy! I kinda regret not getting it, sigh. It's from a stall called Mr. Bacon and Egg Rolls, and this list claimed it was among "9 of Sydney’s Best Bacon and Egg Rolls".

The market only opens every Saturday, so I guess we were lucky to have chanced upon it!

Something random I saw along the way.

Darling Harbour

We were walking to Darling Harbour and saw lots of people waiting by the bridge. Turns out, they were waiting for fireworks and we arrived right on time. Hehe, I think our luck was not bad that day.

Failed to take nice photos so I'll make do with this.
 They have fireworks every Saturday and you can check the timings here.

Graze MCA

We were looking for a brunch place and found this restaurant located at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It has outdoor seating with a stunning view of the harbour and Opera House, which was really the perfect way to start your Sunday morning (▰˘v˘▰)

Fried eggs on sourdough toast
I loooove eggs so this was heavenly (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Also, I realised most places served free-range eggs, which tastes different according to Yaxue. I did notice that the egg yolk was more plump and viscous (strange choice of word?) And the eggs do look very shiok right!

The Rocks Markets

We went to The Rocks that day, and they happened to have this market going on. They open on Fridays and weekends. I love these sort of markets, so I'm really happy we stumbled upon a few in Sydney!

Huge ass corn from the Australian Corn Company
This corn was really very juicy, like it was bursting with every bite. I think it only cost $2, which is the same price as our pasar malam cup corn hahaha. I devoured everything although I was still full from brunch, which says a lot.

N2 Extreme Gelato

Went to Chinatown and decided to try this famous gelato! It's made with liquid nitrogen, which apparently makes the ice cream smoother.

Mine has "milk gelato with coconut fudge and almonds, rolled in dessicated coconut and finished with a white chocolate and coconut syringe". I chose this because I like the Raffafelo sauce from llaollao, ahaha.

They had lots of flavours with interesting toppings. There was this jam flavour that is topped with an entire donut, omg???

Well, they did call themselves "extreme".

Bowery Lane

I was looking for a good place to chill for brunch, and this place was highly-recommended so I decided to give it a try since it was just a 3-minutes walk from the hotel.

Scout's Breakfast
This had poached eggs, mushrooms, roast potatoes, crispy prosciutto, goats cheese and parmesan crumbs. I have no idea what a prosciutto is.

The food turned out to be rather disappointing ●︿● I don't know why, but it tasted quite sour? Did they drizzle some sort of sour sauce on it???

I liked the ambience though! It was located in the CBD, and you can just pass your time people-watching if you sit by the window. I went there to chill on my own on a Monday morning and it was really enjoyable despite the unsatisfying food.

Circular Quay

I really loved Circular Quay and The Rocks! It's a really great place to take a stroll and just soak up the atmosphere. In the day, there's nice views, street performers and lots of seagulls; at night, it's bustling with dinner crowds and live bands in bars.

Look at the two seagulls, aww so cute.
It was quite a cold morning so I decided to get some hot chocolate while walking along Circular Quay after brunch. Wah, totally enjoying life right ˘◡˘

I got the Banana and Caramel Hot Chocolate from Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe, which was an interesting change from the typical hot chocolate. The banana taste was quite subtle, so the drink was still deliciously chocolatey.

When I finished my drink, I realised that the bottom of the cup was filled with melted chocolate!!! I think they pour hot chocolate over a piece of chocolate, omg so yumz. They need to serve this in Singapore for me to indulge in when I have pms.


The flight from Melbourne to Australia wasn't as shiok because it was a smaller plane and Qantas food is not very good. The view was amazing though! And it was yet another empty flight so I switched over to the window seats and got two seats all to myself.

Halfway through the flight, the pilot made some announcement that I couldn't understand (lol their Aussie accent I catch no balls). Everyone suddenly rushed to the left side of the plane and I got quite a shock. Like wtf what are they running away from???

Turns out, the plane was flying over the Ayers Rock! Even the air steward went to take a look and asked me to send him the photos I took because he had to go to work, hahaha.

It does look quite amazing even from so high up in the sky.

This one wasn't famous so nobody cared, but I happened to look out of the window and thought it looked like pancakes.

Aaand that sums up most of my trip! I really miss the cool weather, friendly people, good coffee and weekend markets. Totally enjoyed the chill and lepak life for those few days.

Just came back from an ocomm gathering, so I'm back into the Arts Camp mood! The upcoming weeks will be quite busy, with all the post-exam meet-ups and Arts Camp planning and preparing for summer school.


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