Tuesday, 3 May 2016


I am free from finals!!!

Okay, I was free since last Thursday.

The only difference is that I can now laze around guilt-free, whoops.

A quick glimpse of my post-finals life:
(spoiler: it's all food)

Springleaf Prata Place

Went to the newly-opened outlet at Rail Mall, cos the West side is cool yo.

Our feast for three (clockwise): Umami 50, Murtaburger and Plaster Blaster.

Plaster Blaster aka the Eggs Ben prata. The only prata that had a solo shot because it was photogenic, hee.
Plaster Blaster ($5) has two slices of ham and a poached egg with hollandaise sauce. This was surprisingly good! Quite a small portion for $5, but too much of it would probably get sickening so it was just right. Kinda like Goldilocks eating the baby bear's prata. Anyway, the egg and ham justified the price in my opinion.

Umami 50 ($8) has luncheon meat, chicken floss, mayo, eggs and cheese. This was super yummy!!! I loved the chicken floss, and I think it did a great job balancing the otherwise savoury prata.

I didn't eat the Murtaburger, so no reviews. Yongshin said she preferred the Umami though! Yay chicken floss is always good. I like my porridge to have a 1:1 porridge-floss ratio.

Before I digress... time for some photos of my beloved Bukit Panjang buddies (almost alliteration there).

HAHAHAHA so shameless.


Chir Chir

Dear Chir Chir, why don't you offer smaller portions of your food?

I think Daphy and I developed some sort of chicken aversion after tackling the huge portions of fried chicken.

Honey Butter Chicken
Okay first of all, the fried chicken only comes in one portion. It costs $28.90 lah, so you can kinda guess how much food there was. Second, the honey butter seasoning was quite shiok, but it gets very 腻 after awhile because it was just too much!!!

The chicken was really tender and juicy though!!! And I really liked the honey butter seasoning. Just that it should be eaten in moderation, ahaha.

Mac n Cheese ($9.80)
This was kinda meh, nothing worth raving about. Probably not worth your stomach space if you are going there for fried chicken? Maybe the toppoki with cheese would be more interesting.

We planned to have dinner at Tae Woo (cos I made her crave for jajangmyeon when I complained to her about my own cravings muahaha), but we were too full and decided to skip dinner.

So I finished lunch at 4pm and only ate some cup noodles at 1am. That, coupled with my sleep pattern, my body clock must be feeling really confused.

Looking forward to my summer filled with Australia trip, arts camp and hopefully summer exchange!!!!!!!!!!! Dear prof, please reply my module mapping email T_T

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