Monday, 27 June 2016


I predict I will be crazy busy and tired in Korea, so I shall update frequently but with short descriptions only. This way, I'll remember the day-by-day events without being too exhausted from updating my blog, heh.

DAY 1 (26/6):

Pastel skies from above the clouds omg luv it.

The airplane food was surprisingly good! Fluffy omelette, tasty hashbrown, soft and chewy bread roll. IMPRESSED WITH KOREA AIR'S FOOD.

First meal in Korea - tasteless abalone porridge in a seemingly bottomless bowl. Threw more than half of it away, sigh.

Egg bread! Blur photo but I don't care. First street food I bought and it's not bad! The bread is pleasantly sweet, but I wish the yolk was less powdery.

There are coffee chains everywhere. I bought 2 cups of iced coffee within my first day here, sigh. Quite stupid to waste my money on coffee when I can spend it on other things like Korean food and makeup right??!?!

Failed 'follow me to' photo as we trudged up the hill to N Seoul Tower.

I'm on the top of the world~

The couple culture in Korea is really no joke hahaha. Couples everywhere. And all these lovey dovey stuff... sigh #foreveralone.

There's this machine in N Seoul Tower that lets you "take photos with stars" haha. You must pay 5,000won to print them, but we are cheapskates so we just took photos of the screen.

Caught the sunset from the top! So pretty, the sun was bright red. 

Travel buddies on my first day here!

My partner-in-crime for the next 6 weeks!
Shared a kimbap with Nichol for dinner, but it has so much vegetables omg how am I going to survive Korea??!?! Spicy food + so much vegetables, sigh it's time to grow up and stop being a whiny picky eater. 

It's been a really hectic day. Had some problems with my name on the flight ticket (didn't indicate my Chinese name so I had to request for a name change), landed at 8.40am, missed the 9am shuttle bus, showered once I reached the hostel, rushed off to meet Nichol and her new friends, walked around Myeong-dong, tried to get my SIM card but realised I needed a passport in order to do that, made an impromptu trip to N Seoul Tower and also bought some necessities from Daiso.

Damn, this time last night, I was just unpacking from Arts Camp and reeling from camp withdrawals (which explains the social media spams about Arts Camp, oops).

Orientation tomorrow, let's hope it'll turn out well!

Sunday, 26 June 2016


This is it. Arts Camp 2016 just ended last Friday.

This feels so surreal. Months of hard work and planning, and it is all over. I am feeling the withdrawal symptoms, especially since I flew off to Korea the very next day, and won't get to join the post-camp cleanup and outings.


Anyway, I am too tired to reflect much here, so I shall spam some photos instead.


Action Jieyin!

Found some moomoos at camp!

Yong Han the Air Horseman (aka Perry the Platypus)

Lepaking by the rocks hahaha. Is it hungover from the previous night's drinking.

龙哥 and Perry be pimpin'

Pizza party on the last night cos we were too tired to head out for dinner.

Aaaaand now it's time to rest, because orientation for summer school begins tomorrow!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2016


NUS Arts Camp 2016 is happening in a week's time!!!

My life has pretty much been taken up by all the preparations, from precamp to recce to simply hanging with some of the ocomm people. It's a good kind of busy :)

Some photos from precamp beach day:
Team Amazing Race!

I kept ruining the jump shots cos I kept jumping with one leg...?

The sky was so pretty!

Hahaha sudden inspiration for a tumblr-worthy photo while waiting for mass game to start

And these 3 consecutive photos look so pretty on my Instagram feed! #tumblr #basic #wehartit

And other random crap with the Amazing Race team:
Jieyin's ridiculously cute cat. I have overcomed my fear of animals. Thank you meow meow.

And I took this random shot when we went to recce Botanic Garden cos I thought this place looked cool.

Okay, I am too lazy to talk much, and I assume people are too lazy to read the words anyway, so that's all for now ~