Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Three weeks into school and things are already so intense!!!!!11!!!1!

1. So many readings, projects and assignments to keep up with
2. My complexion is in a horrific state
3. Why did I think that 8am lectures were a good idea??!

Anyway, here's life since I came back from Korea!

Meet up with 老朋友s
Not very 老 cos we met when we were 13... WAIT, HOLY SHIT, THAT IS 10 YEARS!!! DAMN I FEEL OLD.

The day I concluded that I was too old for this shit, hahahaha. Caught a dratini at Zouk though.

Cereal Killers "high tea"
Started off as blur freshies, and now we talk about post-graduation plans, career options and global affairs. The transition into a full-blown adult is real. I KENUT.

The Ultimate Crab Feast - PARKROYAL on Beach Road  

The crabs were clearly not fresh and the meat wasn't very flavourful. The Chili Crab was just salty, instead of being sweet and spicy and soaking in thick eggy sauce. One of the Salted Egg Yolk crabs tasted slightly sour.

I think my favourite would be the Black Pepper crab. At least it was still aromatic and peppery like it's supposed to taste.

Ok lah, at around $50 per person... quantity over quality, I guess?

Suite lunch
Met up for lunch before 小妹 flies off for exchange! The suite life never ends <3

Springleaf Prata again with mah Bukit Panjang buddies! After several visits, I conclude that the Plaster Blaster is my fave!!!

Night Festival 2016
Went for Night Festival with Mabel, but we got bored really quickly. Ended up eating and shopping instead, heh.

After going to 3 night festivals, I think this was the least interesting? The locations and routes just didn't seem very instinctive or flow very well.

小妹 flies off
Our 小妹 is off for exchange! I get so excited whenever people go for exchange cos it's like living vicariously through them.

Filming and editing day
This photo is sibei chio plz!!! Group mates for NM4883D, a module I am quite excited for although I feel so incredibly clueless with my lack of filming and editing skills.

The Tea Party Cafe with Jit
My most unexpected takeaway from the MBS internship, because I never thought I would become good friends with an intern from another department!

Had lunch at The Tea Party, which has super comfy couches and affordable Western food (below $10). Good place to hangout and chill.


Aaand that concludes my past two weeks!

I am strangely excited for my modules and projects this semester, hahaha. I think I have unleashed the PR geek in me, and I really love classes like Crisis Communications (NM4228) and Strategic Communications (NM3232).

University tip: take classes you are interested in!!! 

I realise class participation comes naturally because I am genuinely interested in the topic and have something to say, readings are so much more bearable because I read them and go "oooh I seeeee", and I actually want to put in effort so procrastination isn't as big a problem.

Took me a few semesters to figure out what I like and what works for me, but I hope I've gotten the hang of it by now :)


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