Monday, 8 August 2016


In this instalment: food and cafes near Korea University!

There are so many cafes and restaurants near KU and Frontier House, six weeks was barely enough to try half of them.

Moon D' Ann (has WiFi)

From KU's main gate, cross the road and turn right.

This place is perfect if you have hours to kill. It has swings, rocking chairs and an attic area where you can chill with huge plush toys.

The 'attic' is quite comfy! I sat here for an hour without feeling restless or fidgety.

The food was average though. The Egg and Bacon Panini (₩5,500) I ordered was alright, but the egg was cold. Maybe it was supposed to be cold? Either way, the cold egg was kinda strange to me.

Regardless, I think this is a really nice place to just order a drink and laze your day away here - standard of food is secondary.

Cafe Bresson (has WiFi)

From KU's main gate, cross the road and continue walking into the alley on your left. It has a (fake) blue door at the side.

This is another cosy cafe near school! Nichol recommended the hot chocolate and i luv it!!!
Their hot chocolate was slightly creamy, which I thought it was just right - I don't like hot chocolate that is too thick and goopy. Am I one of the rare few who disliked Angelina's famous hot chocolate?

This place is so cosy, with warm lighting and walls filled with post-it messages. Imagine sipping hot chocolate while it's pouring outside - pure bliss.

Isaac Toast (has WiFi)

From Anam Station exit 3, turn right and walk to Lens Story, then turn left into the stretch of road with Paris Baguette, LOHB, Etude House, 7-eleven, etc.

Isaac Toast has been my favourite place to grab a quite lunch/brunch, especially during my 30-minute breaks. THEY HAVE AMAZING (AND VERY AFFORDABLE) SANDWICHES!!!

Every sandwich is freshly made on the spot.

₩2,200 for this Ham and Cheese sandwich. Super worthwhile considering it has ham, cheese, egg, corn and this special sweet syrup that really pulls the sandwich together.

I've lost count the number of times I ate this, hehe.


This is located along the stretch of road from Anam station to Frontier/CJ.

We always notice people hanging around outside this shop, probably waiting for a seat or ordering take-out. Being typical Singaporeans, we decided to join in the hype and see why it's so popular, hehe.

Nearly every table had a big plate of red cheesy stuff so we ordered it as well. It turned out to be Cheese Rabokki, which is ramen + tteokbokki + mozzarella cheese. THIS WAS SUPER DUPER SHIOK!!! 

The Cheese Rabokki was huge though, so we shared the rabokki and mandu among the two of us. I once dabao-ed this to eat on my own and nearly died from food coma.


From the side gate next to KU's Media Hall, turn right.

Nichol has mentioned this place several times, and I am so sad I only tried it towards the end of my stay here.

I cannot understand the menu, so I just order the cheese one that costs ₩4,500.

This has rice, fish roe, cheese, seaweed, lettuce and an egg. I like to mix everything around to distribute the cheese, and it all melds into this heavenly goodness.


Also near Anam Station exit 3.

It's on the second floor, so I never knew of its existence till I read about it in someone's blog. There's a lot of food places that went unnoticed because I didn't think to look up, hahaha.

Warning: this is severely overpriced. ₩10,000 for abalone porridge is a little steep in my opinion. But this was the ultimate comfort food on a rainy day, when I'm falling sick or just feeling shitty. I love eating porridge with kimchi! Adds more flavour and crunch.

The Very Waffle

From KU's side gate next to the Media Hall, turn right until you see 7-eleven, then turn left. OR from Anam station, walk towards Frontier/CJ then turn right when you see BIYA.

This was unbelievably cheap!!! Their waffle with soft serve is ₩1,000, which is roughly SGD1.00. I cannot even buy Prima Deli waffle with kaya at this price??? And the waffle and soft serve were of good quality!

The first time I tried it, I only had ₩1,000 on me and didn't dare to order because it was too good to be true. Like, what if it costs more, then I won't have enough to pay???? BUT YES IT IS REALLY THAT CHEAP.

This is a godsend on a bloody hot day. Or when I want to reward myself for completing a test or assignment, heh.


There's so much more good food near KU/Frontier, but I guess I'll limit my post to the places I really liked and visited multiple times.

I thought all the stairs would help me slim down, but I clearly ate too much for the climbing to offset all the fats I've gained - my shrinking pants do not lie.

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