Wednesday, 26 October 2016


1. Hit and run because "it's just a dog"? This is unacceptable. We have established this.

2. Netizens starting a witch hunt? Why should we think so highly of ourselves, believing that we are capable of correctly identifying the perpetrator with our layman detective skills? What gives us the authority to decide that a person's reputation should be destroyed? We are entitled to whatever opinion we want, but who bestowed upon us this power to decide on the best action to be taken? Who made you king?

3. Why are you flaming the employer? How is it their fault? How were they involved in any way? Are people looking for people to blame and rage at for the sake of it? Does it make you feel very shiok to hurl insults from your moral high horse?

4. So Person A has reported to the police that she was the one who hit the dog. Why are people outraged that the perpetrator reported to the police and not to the netizens? She broke the law, she reports to the police. What makes her accountable to you? What gives you the right to demand that she inform netizens of the situation? Or do you simply get off from watching people named and shamed on social media? Unless you have been affected by the incident (e.g. Animal Lovers League), why are you, a random netizen who is only involved through the act of sharing and commenting online, entitled an update or explanation or apology from her?

All this online citizen vigilantism is really getting out of hand.

Pls read about the boston bombing witch hunt if you still think it's so cool and righteous to engage or even indulge in these witch hunts.

Ugh sometimes I feel like I should quit the internet before i lose faith in humanity.

Ok end of rant.

Sunday, 2 October 2016


I've been missing Korea a lot recently.

I miss the food. Oh, the food. Cheese ribs, Korean BBQ, cheese rabokki, kimbap, cheese ramen, tteokbokki with cheese, ssiat hotteok, odeng, juk, budae jjigae, soondubu jjigae... it was all worth the weight I gained. Reasonably priced, yet so damn good.

I miss being spoiled for choice, being surrounded by so much food that 6 weeks was not enough to try them all. I miss all the coffee shops I find, everywhere I go.

I miss Korea, but the experience can't be replicated just by going for a holiday. I just really miss my mundane daily routine there, living and studying there for 6 weeks.

I miss those 6 weeks in Korea, even though it wasn't extremely exciting or filled with crazy adventures, because it was the trivial, minute details of my humdrum everyday routine that I miss the most.

Classes were interesting. I got to learn and study without much stress, yet I can still remember the things I learned and find them useful in my current classes.

I miss the routine of walking to school, buying Paik's Coffee on the way to class, grabbing kimbap from the convenience store for lunch and exploring new places for dinner.

6 weeks was just right. Any longer and I would turn obese from all the food. All those stairs and hills weren't too fun either.

I wouldn't want to live there either, because it seems way too stressful. And all that focus on appearance, I don't think I can keep up with that.

For this post, I chose an unassuming photo of a random street in Seoul. Because that was one of the streets in Anam that I passed by every day. To grab lunch or dinner, to buy bread for breakfast, or just to shop for cosmetics when I felt like it. It is more sentimental than the tourist attractions I visited just once in my life.

I realised I am someone who relishes the mundanity in life.

I love school life and the whole process of taking new classes each semester, studying for tests, churning out assignments, learning something new every lesson, feeling a sense of accomplishment when I am productive.

In a year's time, I will be reluctant to let this go and move on to the working world (someone pls hire me). I will miss something as ridiculously inconsequential as the process of walking around school and heading to class. Yes, just the actual process of walking around FASS or UTown to get to class is something I will miss.

I guess it's good that I find joy in the ordinary?