Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Results are out today! As usual, I found myself naturally awake at 6am because I am just that impatient.

This was my best semester so far, but I am also realising how tough it is to pull my grades up after a few shitty semesters at the start of my NUS life. My current CAP rollercoaster is: 3.5 > 3.33 > 3.38 > 3.59 > 3.78 > 3.97. The 3.33 and 3.38 semesters really screwed things up, sigh.

To any freshie reading this, don't waste your first few semesters! It is so much easier to start with a strong foundation. So many seniors told me this, but I just had to touch the fire to know it burns.

Anyway, with module bidding ahead, I guess it's time to post a module review!

NM2209 Social Psychology of New Media
Lecturer: Dr Jung Eun Hwa
We were her very first batch of students, so classes were not conducted very well. But she was so patient, helpful and eager to improve, I believe there is potential for improvement in the subsequent semesters :)

Workload: 1/5
1 midterm (MCQ & short answer)
1 final (MCQ & short answer)
1 presentation (group)
Weekly discussion questions

Content: 2/5
This mod had potential to be very interesting. It combined social psychology and new media, both of which greatly interest me. However, the content was taught in a very research-focused manner, which made it a little dry.

Difficulty: 1/5
This was an easy mod because it was so straightforward. For each test, the prof gave us a study guide listing all the theories we had to know. As long as you stick to the list, you will be safe. 

Also, be consistent. The presentation and discussion questions might seem insignificant, but put in effort and you can easily secure 20% of your grades (especially since this prof is lenient and gives full marks quite often).

Grade: A

NM3232 Strategic Communication: Concepts
Lecturer: Dr Tracy Loh
Lessons were conducted efficiently, which I liked. I also get the feeling she has high expectations, which worked for me because it motivated me to put in more effort.

Workload: 2/5
1 midterm (MCQ & short answer)
1 final (case study; open book)
1 case study presentation (group)
Class participation

Content: 3/5
There were a lot of theories since this was meant to be a theory mod. I enjoyed it because I love PR mods, but that's just my preference. Also, 2 groups had to present case studies each week, and the variety of case studies made lessons quite interesting.

Difficulty: 2/5
This is the type of mod where you can score well as long as you do your readings, understand the concepts and apply them correctly. Readings were quite easy to understand as well.

You can secure around 20% of your grades through class participation. Each presentation will include discussion questions so you are given the chance to speak up in class, and forum posts take at most 15 min of your time.

Grade: A

NM4228 Crisis Communication
Lecturer: Dr Tracy Loh
Yes it was a double-Tracy semester

Workload: 5/5
1 concept paper (individual)
1 case study presentation (group)
1 rumour activity (group) + rumour analysis (individual)
1 crisis communication plan (group)
1 mock press conference (group + individual)
1 reflection (individual)

Content: 4/5
I love PR mods and I find crisis comms very interesting, so I thoroughly enjoyed the content.

Difficulty: 5/5
This can be time consuming, so try to balance this with mods that are more chill. 

I gave it 5/5 because it is not only time consuming but emotionally draining. Some activities were intentionally designed to simulate real-life crisis situations. It will be stressful and you might find yourself panicking or feeling frustrated, but you must learn to stay calm and collected even and especially in such situations.

This mod can suck away so much of your time and energy, but I feel like I learned a lot precisely because it was so intense. I guess it wouldn't be a good crisis communication mod if you are not plunged into crisis situations, albeit imaginary ones.

If you are very interested in PR and believe that a good learning experience is worth risking grades and sacrificing time, 5/5 would recommend despite the workload. 

Grade: A+

NM4883D New Media Production and Public Engagement
Lecturer: Kenneth Tan
He really puts in effort to give constant feedback for your videos, which will guide you along the way.

Workload: 5/5
3 videos (group)
2 production journals (individual)
1 social commentary (individual)
Class participation

Content: 3/5
This mod was interesting because we got to watch and analyse videos, instead of being buried in piles of readings. There's also plenty of hands-on work, which was a change from the usual mods.

Difficulty: 4/5
You have to self-learn most of the technical stuff for editing and filming. There could be a slight learning curve, but this shouldn't deter you from taking the mod because they make sure each group has a good mix of experienced and inexperienced members.

This can also be time consuming because editing takes hours, and your group must be physically present for filming. Unlike other projects, you can't get away with online meetings.

You might encounter problems along the way, e.g. faulty mic or having to re-edit your entire video at the last minute. From my observation, many groups become more bonded and learn a lot from encountering and overcoming such issues. Similar to crisis comms, these difficulties can be a crucial part of your learning process. 

Grade: A-

/edit - read the module review for AY16/17 SEM 2 here!

Do note that this review was based on my own preference. I tend to enjoy PR mods more than media studies or design mods.

*** Also, the content, workload or prof might change each semester ***


  1. Hi Evelyn! I am Jia Ying, your CNM junior in my second year. I assume you are in Year 3 now from your blog posts. I came across your blog today. Congrats on your good results! (: I will really appreciate if you can provide me with your contact like email so that I can ask you about NM modules especially those level 3000 mods. I would also like to know your tips since it seems that your grades improve a lot over the past sems. I really need those tips as I also hope to improve my grades especially for NM as I have never gotten anything beyond a B+ for NM mods... ):

    1. Hello! You can email/fb msg me at evelynifique@live.com :)

  2. Hey Evelyn! I'm glad that I came across your blog today while researching on one of the NM modules. Just wanna say that your steady progress and words of advice are truly inspiring and motivational. Keep writing, and all the best for the coming semester :)

    1. Aww thank you!!! All the best with school as well! :)

  3. Hi Evelyn! Can I ask you if you know the difference between NM3232 and NM3233? thanks in advance :)

    1. Hello! I only took NM3232 so I cannot answer for sure. It seems like 3232 focuses more on theories and 3233 is more project-heavy? Hope this helps! :)

  4. Hi Evelyn!

    I am a Science student taking NM2209 as an UE (under Dr Jung too!) now :-) But i am honestly weak in Arts module and this is my first time taking an NM module too :-(

    Would honestly be thankful if you are kind enough to be willing to share some of your NM2209 materials with me (within your capability of course!)? :-)

    Thanks in advance and I really appreciate it!