Saturday, 22 July 2017


Noodle Cafe (Sim Lim Square)

Beef balls and beef slices + glass noodles + special soup + non spicy.
Finally tried this Thai Boat Noodles! The broth is flavourful and I really love the springy and chewy glass noodles. An online review advised against getting spicy if you have low tolerance, so I just got non-spicy and added chilli flakes for the shiok factor. This is such a comforting bowl of noodles and I foresee myself craving for it in future!

Fujifilm Simple Ace

$19, 39 exposures
I've always wanted to play around with a disposable camera and I finally got one today! I am intrigued by film photography but unsure if I really want to commit, considering the price and effort needed to learn the technical skills. So why not give it a shot with this cheap and basic camera instead? I still have 20+ exposures left, and I can't wait to see how they turn out. Not expecting much because it's my first time and there's a high chance I screwed it up, but good thing about this is there's no pressure.


Journey to the unknown
Ended up at some HDB estate in Bukit Merah today. The past 2 misadventures brought us to more familiar places (Shenton Way and Bukit Timah), so it was really fun to roam about this strange land.

Some photos by kh:

And if you're getting sick of my face, here's a photo I took while waiting for the bus home.
Spot our shadow!

Saturday, 8 July 2017


It has been a dreadful week but I'm glad it ended on a positive note - spent my Friday night going for Geylang Adventures( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I was initially going to reject the offer because I wanted to go home early and rest... but I found myself hesitating to send the "sorry I can't make it" message. Deep down, I knew I really wanted to go for it, so I told myself to stop being a lazy ass and just GO FOR IT.


The guide, Yinzhou, grew up in Geylang. This is probably very uncommon, considering Geylang's reputation as a red light district. What this means is that Yinzhou has a very unique perspective of Geylang. The back alleys we avoid were his backyard, the streetwalkers we hear of and peer at discreetly were his neighbours.

He has a sharper observation and deeper understanding of many things that go unnoticed, and it was truly eye-opening when he pointed them out and explained to us.

Having lived there since young, he also saw first-hand how things have changed over the years and the consequences of policies that were implemented.

I shall not reveal too much of what we learned during the tour, because that would take away the fun ;)

During the tour, we also dropped by this provision shop that has been around for many many years.

The shop had lots of interesting knick knacks, like this tin-can pulley system that many shops in the past used for storing money. The shop owner still uses it today!

She also sold things like antique Coca Cola trays, perfumes, etc. I bought a mug from the 70s that says "Guinness Stout is good for you", heh heh.

Oh, we also had a film crew from Channel NewsAsia because they wanted to produce a documentary featuring Geylang Adventures. Never tell us in advance, otherwise I would've worn make up HAHAHA.

We also dropped by this dessert shop to take a break. Yinzhou used this chance to answer any questions we might have and explain certain things in detail, since it was difficult to stand around and talk when we were standing along the streets.

We also got to recharge with some mango pomelo sago, gui lin gao and steamed milk. Shioks ~


I don't have many photos because I didn't want to photograph anything sensitive or wave my phone around while walking along back alleys. Ultimately, experiencing it in person with your five senses is still the best way to take it all in.

The tour costs $35 and I would recommend it 10/10. It showed me the hidden, the complexities, the tensions, the consequences and so much more. It's always refreshing to experience a part of Singapore from a different perspective.

I don't think I manage to fully encapsulate the trip so why not give it a try to see for yourself? :)

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


18 working days to go.

I am blogging now because there isn't much to do. I spend my days feeling utterly unmotivated and this little bit of writing is my attempt to keep my brain active. My exhaustion stems from trying to stay positive in an unconducive environment, although I would much rather be exhausted from doing challenging work. I am not afraid of hard work and being busy, as long as it is purposeful and pushes me to develop myself.

Haven't been updating much because my life isn't particularly eventful these days. I also prefer to update when there are photos to post, otherwise it becomes too wordy. But I've lost interest in taking photos of food, and I seldom take photos with friends when we meet up (because we're too busy talking anyway). So that leaves photos taken during dates with kh, since we spend our dates taking photos. It's a great idea since it doesn't cost money + it's his job anyway so he gets to practise or experiment with his gear.

Somehow, I gradually found it ridiculous to spend so much time and effort photographing my food before eating it. If it's one of those "Instagram-worthy" food (bleurgh, hate that description), then there's no point sharing my photo when it's all over the Internet. If it's not photogenic, there's no point taking photos either, unless it's amazing and I want to recommend it. I also find it ridiculous to put in sooo much effort for a food photo because 1) I look embarrassing and 2) the food gets cold/melts/etc which defeats the purpose of ordering it in the first place. I still do this once in a while, but it is very seldom.

Hmm. I don't have much else to talk about right now, so perhaps it's time to get back to work.

I can't wait for this to end. I want some semblance of purpose and meaning in my life once again. I have one semester left in school, and I hope I make full use of it to develop the lifestyle that I want. I now realise how difficult it is to cultivate a new lifestyle when you are bound by the 9-5 structure.

I want to exercise more, eat healthily and feel better. It takes a while to incorporate exercise into my life, such that it becomes a habit. It also takes time and effort to figure out how to eat healthily, because my current junk-food-no-vege diet certainly isn't cutting it. And I need to learn to chill and not worry so much about every little thing in life. I'm sure the constant unnecessary stress is not good in the long run. Yep, gonna work on these 3 things once I get my life back.

For now, I will focus on remaining sane.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


Had an impromptu misadventure date with kh today! \(^▽^)/
(Ok, I know this is not the correct use of the word 'misadventure' but I can't think of a better name for this. Pls give me some suggestions)

tl;dr of a "misadventure" date:
Step 1: go to the nearest bus stop
Step 2: board the first bus that stops
Step 3: alight wherever it takes you

We started out at Botanic Gardens and found ourselves at the railway tracks.

Kh had his new camera and lenses so once again, we spent our date taking photos. I am actually very camera shy lor, but I think I am becoming less self-conscious after the many photo-taking sessions.

Some photos taken by kh:
singapore wedding photographer videographer pre-wed pre-wedding prewed prewedding photos video
singapore wedding photographer videographer pre-wed pre-wedding prewed prewedding photos video
singapore wedding photographer videographer pre-wed pre-wedding prewed prewedding photos video
Super love this photo of us! The whole process of taking this was damn funny. I stood there cluelessly while he adjusted his camera, then he suddenly rannnn towards me and hugged me, and we stood there smiling awkwardly for several seconds because we didn't know if the camera already took our photo or not.

Hehe I think the photos look really good, especially with his new camera and lenses! Anyone looking for wedding photographer/videographer, feel free to check out Visual Momentos ;)

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Roamed around Outram today because THANK SKY THANK EARTH FOR THE MUCH NEEDED LONG WEEKEND ! ! !

Finally got to try Botanist, which I've been eyeing for a while.

botanist cafe review outram french toast breakfast platter
French Toast ($18)
botanist cafe review outram french toast breakfast platter
Breakfast Platter ($23)
Long story short, it's just another cafe with the same sort of food (brunch) and the same sort of price (expensive). At least there's no GST and service charge, so bonus points for that.

I think I am growing out of the cafe craze because most cafes here have the same decoration, food, price and crowd  copy, paste, rinse and repeat.

We were sitting on the swing and this girl came to join us.
Saw this at the underpass.

Some photos from KH's camera:
♡ ~ we r six mths old, hu hu hu ~ ♡

Saturday, 17 June 2017


It's time for an update!!!

1. Laser tag with the department
This was so much more tiring, and also more fun, than I expected!!! Us interns were initially dreading this, but I am really glad we went in the end :)

2. Liana's birthday surprise!
Not too sure if this surprised was considered a success. We asked the waiter to put a candle on our pizza, and tried to light it as Liana walked into the restaurant. As with all previous attempts at birthday surprises, it was a whole bunch of last minute preparations and awkwardness when it's time to execute the plan - although that is also the fun of it.

3. Met KH's friends!
New relationship milestone! Met kh's friends and had good food at Timbre. They were all really nice and very easy to talk to, and I'm glad everything went well! This was certainly less nerve-wrecking than meeting parents, heh.

4. Misadventure date
We were at Bugis today and didn't know where to go next... so we went on a misadventure date! You basically hop onto a random bus and see where it takes you.

Bus 133 brought us to Shenton Way- you probably wouldn't guess that based on this ladybug photo I took there, hehe.

We planned to sit till the end and just alight at the interchange... but as it turns out, the very last stop was supposed to be a bus stop. And so we missed the last stop and only alighted when the driver parked his bus. He was quite annoyed at us, oops.

Kh was trying out his new camera + trying out Premiere Pro, so I became the subject of his videos... I AM SO CAMERA SHY LOR IT WAS SO DIFFICULT FOR ME. His skills are wasted on me, seriously. Otherwise he would be the ideal Instagram boyfriend hahaha.

I like the scene at the end with the watermelon cushion! (p.s. watch in HD)

Thursday, 8 June 2017


It's time for another round of module review! You can see last semester's review here :)

GEK2044 Reading Visual Images
Lecturer: T K Sabapathy
He may not speak in the most expressive and interesting manner but if you stay awake and pay attention, you can definitely feel his passion and knowledge for the subject. It's always nice to have a prof who is deeply passionate about what he's teaching :)

Workload: 2/5
2 quiz (short answer)
1 presentation (individual)
1 essay (individual)

Content: 4/5
I took this mod simply because I couldn't afford most other UEs, but I actually enjoyed the content very much! We learned about art history, from images of the Buddha and Shiva Nataraja to art from the Renaissance and Romantic period. I feel a little more cultured now that I know just a smidgen about well-known art pieces ^_^

Difficulty: 3/5
Every lecture, he will describe and explain the artworks - just regurgitate them and you will survive the 2 quizzes. I barely studied for the second quiz and managed to survive, so I guess it's quite manageable.

Grade: B+

GEM2027 Public Speaking and Critical Reasoning
Lecturer: Dr Tracy Loh

Workload: 5/5
4 graded speeches
1 quiz (MCQ and short answer)
1 reflective project (individual)

Content: 3/5
Lecture content was mostly taken from the textbook, and some things were kind of duh. Being a mod about public speaking, I guess there's not much you can learn from just attending a lecture - tutorials were certainly more fun and useful!

Tutorial groups were really small (7 people in my group) so you really get lots of attention and useful personal feedback to improve your public speaking skills.

Difficulty: 5/5
The prof herself said that this mod will not be an easy A. I gave this max difficulty and workload because of the 4 graded speeches. It was so agonising preparing for and delivering every speech, o m g. I seldom experience stage fright, but somehow giving a speech was much more nerve wrecking. There were times when I could actually feel my heart beating faster and my hands trembling.

Despite it all, I think I did improve my public speaking because this mod really forced me to confront all my bad habits (e.g. talking too quickly, shifting my weight from one foot to the other). It's always the difficult mods that teach me the most.

Grade: A-

NM4204 Ethical Issues in Emergent Technologies
Lecturer: Goh Tong Jee
This was a crazily confusing module and she was really sympathetic about it. I could tell that she really put in effort to make everything less tortuous.

Workload: 3/5
1 Presentation (individual)
1 Presentation (group)
1 Essay (individual)
Class participation

Content: 4/5
One day, I was watching Black Mirror when I suddenly decided to take this module. I would say that the examples discussed in class were interesting and really made me think about the insidious potential of technology (e.g. just how much personal information are we giving away to companies like Facebook, what others can do with our information, and do we even have a choice to opt out?)

Difficulty: 5/5
The difficulty lies in the crazy theories and concepts. It started out fine, talking about Panopticism... and then we were introduced to Deleuze and Gilles and your teacher tells you that next week's readings will be very difficult and you must read it over and over again to understand... yeah you know you're pretty screwed.

For the very first time, I willingly read the optional readings because I was that desperate to understand what on earth was going on.

Grade: A (honestly very shocked by my grade)

NM4226 Interactive Media Design Capstone Project
Lecturer: Dr Nancy Mauro-Flude
Umm... all I can say is that I never thought I would ever be so unforgiving with the module feedback.

Workload: /5
1 essay (individual)
1 project (aka the Random Blends exhibition at ArtScience Museum)
Online journal (blog and Twitter posts)

Content: 1/5
This module was such a mess that I had no idea what was actually going on. The prof herself didn't teach us anything substantial. Once in a while, guest lecturers will give a talk about marketing or something. Other times, each team went up to give updates or discussed among themselves (we got split into teams to plan the exhibition: marketing, events, curation, production).

I think I learned the most from doing hands-on stuff that were required in order to put up an exhibition at ArtScience Museum.

Difficulty: 4/5
Mostly because we had no idea what was going on and what we were expected to produce for the graded components. Terrible miscommunication abound (ironically in a module from Communications and New Media). Have never taken a module that was so disorganised.

The bad experience was largely caused by the prof. It was actually fun to put up an exhibition at ArtScience Museum!

Grade: A-


I was expecting to do badly this semester, so I was really surprised by the results. 2 modules left to go, including the dreaded NM4102. I got C+ for quantitative research and now I must take an advanced research module oh my tian good luck to me.

Oh and take this module review with a pinch of salt because:

*** The content, workload or prof might change each semester ***

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


I realised I haven't blogged ever since work started. It is now week 3 of internship ! ! !

Work is manageable, colleagues are really nice and I'm so lucky to have met tons of interns from other departments :))))

This is gonna be my last summer and I spend it slogging away, hahahaha. Looking back, all my summers have been pretty good:
  1. Year 1 - went for Arts Camp, CNM Camp and Tembusu camp as a councillor, AOGL and OGL respectively. This was back when I was young and full of energy to run around and be all rah rah. Sigh, those were the days.
  2. Year 2 - Interned at Free Food For All, followed by interning at MBS.
  3. Year 3 - Joined Arts Camp ocomm, then went for summer school in Korea.
  4. Year 4 - Internship at NCSS.
It's been a good mix of fun and work :)

Anyway, I have a strange obsession with pretty skies and I've been taking lots of sky photos recently. Every evening when I'm at home, I will peer out of my window to look at the sky, hahaha.

Kh bought a second-hand drone and went to test it out. Quite interesting leh! Imagine all the pretty skies you can take with a drone!!!

 Taking a break from the pinkish skies. I quite like the blue and orange combination as well.

Okay, I'm too tired to churn out more words. I shall save my brain juice for work.

Sunday, 30 April 2017


Just came back from Bangkok and I am raring to blog about it, wew! I shall give quick reviews of places I visited + include links if relevant.


TRAIN | I used this map, which conveniently combined the BTS + MRT lines.
TAXI | This website estimates taxi fares. Some useful tips:
  • Ask for meter before boarding the cab. 
  • Avoid cabs that hang around tourist areas and intentionally approach tourists.
  • Try to have the address in Thai. Some drivers couldn't understand the address in English.
  • Alternatively, use Uber/Grab since the driver can follow his own Google maps.
  • Uber/Grab worked fine, but it takes time/luck to find a driver.

Hotel: TENFACE Bangkok

tenface bangkok hotel suite living room review
At $67++ per night, our room was freaking huge. We had a living room and a bedroom, there was a bathtub and everything was nicely decorated.

Location was good, near BTS Ploen Chit. The hotel is located deep within an estate but it's still convenient since they have free 24h tuk tuk service to and from the BTS station.

Service was amazing. Everyone was friendly and helpful. One night, we were alighting a cab and a staff happened to be nearby. He immediately rushed over to see if there were luggage he could help with. I was so impressed by how proactive he was.

tl;dr - this surpassed expectations. 10/10 would stay again!!!

After You Dessert Cafe (Central World)

after you central world outlet
They have so many outlets that we passed by the cafe 3 times.

after you review shibuya honey toast ferrero
Shibuya Honey Toast
Honey, butter and ice cream - simple and good. Mine was too sweet because I greedily drizzled too much honey, oops.

after you review ferrero toast
Ferrero Toast
I feel like the Ferrero Toast had potential to be amazing, but something in my toast tasted a bit stale :(

Overall verdict: worth a try, but consider sharing bc it is very sweet.

Audrey Cafe Glamour (Central Embassy)

audrey cafe glamour review crab souffle with lobster sauce
Crab Soufflé with Lobster Brandy Sauce
I loved the lobster sauce! It basically tasted like lobster bisque. Sadly, the soufflé was this airy tasteless poof that seems to serve no purpose other than looking pretty.

audrey cafe glamour review thai tea crepe cake
Thai Tea Crepe Cake
The taste of Thai milk tea wasn't strong enough and this wasn't as crepe-y as the cakes from Lady M. Hmm... ok lah, I will be less critical. The cake was actually pretty good! It's quite refreshing and wasn't overly sweet.

We didn't take photos of the food we really enjoyed. The Baby Pizza Tom Yam Kung was a great mix of thin crust pizza, seafood and spicy tangy tom yam sauce - 很开胃。The spice was tolerable as well (because I am w34k af and cannot take spicy food). I would order this again.

Overall verdict: damn this was an expensive meal, considering the numerous cheap alternatives in a country famous for street food. I liked the ambience though, it reminded me of Antoinette. I guess if you compare it with Antoinette, this was quite affordable.


thecommons the commons bangkok thailand review
This "mall" is filled with cafes and I guess you can cafe hop just within the mall alone. The place was oozing with hipster cafe vibes and it's such a nice place to chill for brunch or dinner.

thecommons the commons bangkok thailand review
We need theCOMMONS in Singapore, I would go there all the damn time.

Roast (theCOMMONS)

thecommons the commons bangkok thailand roast cafe review
Out of the many many cafes at theCOMMONS, we decided to drop by Roast. I think it was a good choice!

thecommons the commons bangkok thailand roast cafe review truffle alfredo
Truffle Alfredo
THIS. WAS. MINDBLOWING!!! The tagliatelle was so thin, silky and soft, it was the most perfectly-cooked pasta I've tasted. The truffle was just right, without being overpowering (a trap that many truffle dishes fall into). I think I could eat this all day every day. This review sums it up.

thecommons the commons bangkok thailand roast cafe review smoked chicken croquette
Smoked Chicken Croquette
If I could taste the haze from Indonesia, this would be it. I feel like this dish was smoked till it cannot be smoked any further. That aside, the croquette had a nice crisp skin and the chicken was soft and creamy. I did enjoy it after I grew accustomed to the smoke.

Overall verdict: worth visiting for the Truffle Alfredo!!!

Ban Khun Mae

Found some really good reviews for this restaurant at BTS Siam, so we decided to give it a shot. 

ban khun mae review chicken green curry baked rice in pineapple deep fried mushrooms with crispy garlic baked prawns in glass noodle
(Clockwise) Chicken Green Curry, Baked Prawns in Glass Noodles, Deep Fried Mushrooms with Crispy Garlic, Baked Rice in Pineapple
The Baked Prawns in Glass Noodles was average - mushy prawns and normal glass noodles. But the spicy sauce they gave us really elevated the dish, so it was good overall.

The Deep Fried Mushrooms with Crispy Garlic was shiok!!! I hate mushrooms and I hate garlic, but I loved everything about this dish. Unlike most mushrooms I've tried, this wasn't bitter. And it was very fragrant when paired with the crispy garlic.

The Baked Rice in Pineapple was alright. Nothing outstanding, although it looks really cute in that mini pineapple "bowl". But it was damn shiok when paired with the Chicken Green Curry! That combination was THE BOMB. I miss green curry, time to hunt for good Thai food in Singapore.

ban khun mae review mango sticky rice
Mango Sticky Rice
This was quite disappointing actually. The sticky rice was too hard. And they served this first, so we kinda had dessert before our meal?

Overall verdict: the dishes were pretty hit and miss, but I still enjoyed the meal. It's worth going if you know what to order. 

Cha Tra Mue

chatramue cha tra mue don muang mueang airport
How could I resist Thai Milk Tea when I'm in Bangkok??! Anyway, this outlet was at Don Muang Airport, so it was my final milk tea in Bangkok before flying off.

chatramue cha tra mue soft serve review
Thai Milk Tea soft serve
The outlets at Terminal 21 and Don Muang Airport had soft serve! It's quite refreshing on a bloody hot day, but I personally found it too creamy. I think I just prefer Thai milk tea as a drink.

Asiatique the Riverfront

bangkok thailand asiatique free shuttle boat
Came here on day 2 and proudly left empty-handed because everything was more expensive than Platinum Mall and Talad Rot Fai Ratchada. Also, we reached Asiatique at night and I wish we went earlier because everything would look even prettier at dusk.

bangkok thailand asiatique free shuttle boat
Btw there's a free boat from BTS Saphan Taksin to Asiatique. This woman was shouting "30 baht" and I think it might be a scam.

Open House at Central Embassy

We kept going to Central Embassy because the mall is near our hotel, next to BTS Ploenchit.

central embassy open house bookstore book store cafes
There's this Open House area at level 6 and I really love the concept! A book store sprawled across the entire level, with cafes scattered around. The cafes have this "food court" concept, so you can sit anywhere regardless of the cafe you order from.

I love how spacious it is, with sunlight streaming in. They also have lots of comfy-looking couches for you to sit and browse the books.

Big C Supercenter

This supermarket is apparently a tourist attraction, hahaha. We went to the "supercenter" outlet since it was near Platinum Mall and Central World, all at BTS Chitlom.

big c supermarket supercenter supercentre things to buy must buy mama tom yum seafood instant noodles
MAMA Tom Yum Seafood instant noodles
According to the many listicles online, this is one of the must-buy items.

big c supermarket supercenter supercentre things to buy must buy tasto crab curry potato chips
I also got this on a whim and omg I love it!!! I am going to hunt for it in Singapore.

Some useful links for your supermarket snack hunt: 1, 2, 3, 4

bangkok thailand cheap massage bai po review
Wanted to try cheap massage and research brought us here. Around SGD14 for 60 minutes full-body Thai massage. Quite shiok, although it was painful when the masseuse pressed into my (probably very tense) muscles.


Bumped into Lijun THREE TIMES this trip. We even arrived and left Bangkok on the very same days, hahaha. We must be very fated.

And also a big big big thank you to this dude who got dragged around while I ate and shopped, carried my bag when my shoulders were aching, looked out for clothes I might like, gave me fashion advice when I was indecisive, helped me bargain, prevented my 路痴 self from getting lost, put up with me when I was whiny or angsty or taking lots of unglam photos of him. Hehehe.