Monday, 30 January 2017

CNY 2017

❀ !!! 新年快乐!!! ❀

I am in holiday mood and procrastinating school work, hence this update. Heck, I'm even considering skipping 4226 tomorrow. Not sure if that would bring me bad luck though...

Entertaining my cousin with my phone and laptop as usual. She has always been amused by Snapchat, but this year she also pestered to use Microsoft OneNote and PowerPoint. Okay...?

Snapchat art made by my 9-year-old cousin.

3 cousins brought their +1s this year. Meanwhile, this cousin brought his pet bird to 拜年, hahaha. This love bird flew into their house one day. It refused to fly out, they couldn't find its owner and it would probably die in the wild, so they kept it.

He named it Pika, after his favourite Pikachu.

Went visiting at Esther's house today! Since it's the Year of the Rooster, we made the yusheng look like a rooster. Art Attack - Chinese New Year Special.

P.S. do your CNY shopping or risk looking out of place like me.
Had no new clothes or anything remotely festive, so I ended up looking like some weird cafe waitress?

Amazing spread cooked by Esther's mum and helper!

(because they are the Lee siblings, geddit geddit? ha. ha. ha.)

Ooh and we celebrated the CNY babies' birthdays today!

May you be blessed with lots of cocks this year.

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