Friday, 17 February 2017


I spent Valentine's Day going to class then heading for a job interview, hahahahaha. I think I am relatively indifferent towards the whole Valentine's Day hooha. Decided to celebrate it on another day since I would be too tired after 6 hours of lessons on the 14th. To be honest, I would much rather avoid the Valentine's Day crowd anyway.

"Later people think I abuse you" hahaha I would like to clarify that I was the one who suggested Carl's Jr for our Valentine's dinner.

Planned to watch the sunset at the beach but it was too cloudy + we were lazy to walk all the way in + the Sentosa boardwalk was really nice as well.

No sunset but there were nice pink skies!

"I think you will scold me but I got you flowers" HAHAHA. Because I mentioned several times how flowers were a waste of money and I didn't need them. And I said I especially didn't want big bouquets since they're so extravagant, so he went into the shop asking for the smallest bouquet they have and the florist thought he was being cheapskate. HAHAHAHA.

I think I'd much prefer something simple for Valentine's day. Anywhere too atas intimidates me and makes me too self-conscious. My idea of a tortuous meal involves having to pretend I like wine, feeling obligated to eat everything off my plate because the place is too sophisticated for picky eaters, being overly aware of my table manners and constantly wondering if my elbows should be off the table or whether I am lady-like enough.

Why am I such an uncultured swine, hahahahaha.

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