Tuesday, 23 May 2017


I realised I haven't blogged ever since work started. It is now week 3 of internship ! ! ! Work is manageable, colleagues are really nice and I'm so lucky to have met tons of interns from other departments :))))

This is gonna be my last summer and I spend it slogging away, hahahaha. Looking back, all my summers have been pretty good:
  1. Year 1 - went for Arts Camp, CNM Camp and Tembusu camp as a councillor, AOGL and OGL respectively. This was back when I was young and full of energy. Sigh, those were the days.
  2. Year 2 - Interned at Free Food For All, followed by interning at MBS.
  3. Year 3 - Joined Arts Camp ocomm, then went for summer school in Korea.
  4. Year 4 - Internship at NCSS.
It's been a good mix of fun and work :)

Anyway, I have a strange obsession with pretty skies and I've been taking lots of sky photos recently. Every evening when I'm at home, I will peer out of my window to look at the sky, hahaha.

Kh bought a second-hand drone and went to test it out. Quite interesting leh! Imagine all the pretty skies you can take with a drone!!!

 Taking a break from the pinkish skies. I quite like the blue and orange combination as well.

Okay, I'm too tired to churn out more words. I shall save my brain juice for work.

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