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It's time for another round of module review! You can see last semester's review here :)

GEK2044 Reading Visual Images
Lecturer: T K Sabapathy
He may not speak in the most expressive and interesting manner but if you stay awake and pay attention, you can definitely feel his passion and knowledge for the subject. It's always nice to have a prof who is deeply passionate about what he's teaching :)

Workload: 2/5
2 quiz (short answer)
1 presentation (individual)
1 essay (individual)

Content: 4/5
I took this mod simply because I couldn't afford most other UEs, but I actually enjoyed the content very much! We learned about art history, from images of the Buddha and Shiva Nataraja to art from the Renaissance and Romantic period. I feel a little more cultured now that I know just a smidgen about well-known art pieces ^_^

Difficulty: 3/5
Every lecture, he will describe and explain the artworks - just regurgitate them and you will survive the 2 quizzes. I barely studied for the second quiz and managed to survive, so I guess it's quite manageable.

Grade: B+

GEM2027 Public Speaking and Critical Reasoning
Lecturer: Dr Tracy Loh

Workload: 5/5
4 graded speeches
1 quiz (MCQ and short answer)
1 reflective project (individual)

Content: 3/5
Lecture content was mostly taken from the textbook, and some things were kind of duh. Being a mod about public speaking, I guess there's not much you can learn from just attending a lecture - tutorials were certainly more fun and useful!

Tutorial groups were really small (7 people in my group) so you really get lots of attention and useful personal feedback to improve your public speaking skills.

Difficulty: 5/5
The prof herself said that this mod will not be an easy A. I gave this max difficulty and workload because of the 4 graded speeches. It was so agonising preparing for and delivering every speech, o m g. I seldom experience stage fright, but somehow giving a speech was much more nerve wrecking. There were times when I could actually feel my heart beating faster and my hands trembling.

Despite it all, I think I did improve my public speaking because this mod really forced me to confront all my bad habits (e.g. talking too quickly, shifting my weight from one foot to the other). It's always the difficult mods that teach me the most.

Grade: A-

NM4204 Ethical Issues in Emergent Technologies
Lecturer: Goh Tong Jee
This was a crazily confusing module and she was really sympathetic about it. I could tell that she really put in effort to make everything less tortuous.

Workload: 3/5
1 Presentation (individual)
1 Presentation (group)
1 Essay (individual)
Class participation

Content: 4/5
One day, I was watching Black Mirror when I suddenly decided to take this module. I would say that the examples discussed in class were interesting and really made me think about the insidious potential of technology (e.g. just how much personal information are we giving away to companies like Facebook, what others can do with our information, and do we even have a choice to opt out?)

Difficulty: 5/5
The difficulty lies in the crazy theories and concepts. It started out fine, talking about Panopticism... and then we were introduced to Deleuze and Gilles and your teacher tells you that next week's readings will be very difficult and you must read it over and over again to understand... yeah you know you're pretty screwed.

For the very first time, I willingly read the optional readings because I was that desperate to understand what on earth was going on.

Grade: A (honestly very shocked by my grade)

NM4226 Interactive Media Design Capstone Project
Lecturer: Dr Nancy Mauro-Flude
Umm... all I can say is that I never thought I would ever be so unforgiving with the module feedback.

Workload: /5
1 essay (individual)
1 project (aka the Random Blends exhibition at ArtScience Museum)
Online journal (blog and Twitter posts)

Content: 1/5
This module was such a mess that I had no idea what was actually going on. The prof herself didn't teach us anything substantial. Once in a while, guest lecturers will give a talk about marketing or something. Other times, each team went up to give updates or discussed among themselves (we got split into teams to plan the exhibition: marketing, events, curation, production).

I think I learned the most from doing hands-on stuff that were required in order to put up an exhibition at ArtScience Museum.

Difficulty: 4/5
Mostly because we had no idea what was going on and what we were expected to produce for the graded components. Terrible miscommunication abound (ironically in a module from Communications and New Media). Have never taken a module that was so disorganised.

The bad experience was largely caused by the prof. It was actually fun to put up an exhibition at ArtScience Museum!

Grade: A-


I was expecting to do badly this semester, so I was really surprised by the results. 2 modules left to go, including the dreaded NM4102. I got C+ for quantitative research and now I must take an advanced research module oh my tian good luck to me.

Oh and take this module review with a pinch of salt because:

*** The content, workload or prof might change each semester ***

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