Saturday, 22 July 2017


Noodle Cafe (Sim Lim Square)

Beef balls and beef slices + glass noodles + special soup + non spicy.
Finally tried this Thai Boat Noodles! The broth is flavourful and I really love the springy and chewy glass noodles. An online review advised against getting spicy if you have low tolerance, so I just got non-spicy and added chilli flakes for the shiok factor. This is such a comforting bowl of noodles and I foresee myself craving for it in future!

Fujifilm Simple Ace

$19, 39 exposures
I've always wanted to play around with a disposable camera and I finally got one today! I am intrigued by film photography but unsure if I really want to commit, considering the price and effort needed to learn the technical skills. So why not give it a shot with this cheap and basic camera instead? I still have 20+ exposures left, and I can't wait to see how they turn out. Not expecting much because it's my first time and there's a high chance I screwed it up, but good thing about this is there's no pressure.


Journey to the unknown
Ended up at some HDB estate in Bukit Merah today. The past 2 misadventures brought us to more familiar places (Shenton Way and Bukit Timah), so it was really fun to roam about this strange land.

Some photos by kh:

And if you're getting sick of my face, here's a photo I took while waiting for the bus home.
Spot our shadow!

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